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Excerpted from Chapter 9:

Why Are You and Your Mom Acting Like Rival Street Gangs? The Complicated Relationship You Have with Your Parents During the Wedding Planning

Regardless of the existing relationship between your bride-to-be and her mother, there will be conflict during the planning of the wedding. It doesn't mean that that anyone is doing anything wrong. It doesn't mean that anyone is a bad person. It's just something that happens to everyone. Even if your bride and her mom are normally so close that they floss each other's teeth, at some point during the engagement they will try to strangle each other with the floss.

It's a conflict going back generations. It's Athens vs. Sparta . Man vs. beast. Valet Parking vs. “Let's Look for Something on the Street.” Oftentimes the disagreement appears to have little to do with the wedding itself. While there may be feuds over the dress or the guest list, there could just as easily be a fight over the dew point, Faulkner's best novel or the capital of Peru.

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