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Excerpted from Chapter 13:

Should My Finger Be Turning Blue? Selecting Your Wedding Rings

Whatever type of ring you decide you’re in the market for, the shopping process will again occur in three phases:

Phase 1: Spend Less Than Two Minutes Trying on Rings Before Reaching a Decision

“Let me see that simple platinum one. Yep, looks great. I’ll take it.”

Phase 2: Freak Out That You Can’t Get The Ring Off Your Finger

The jeweler will have sized your ring perfectly, which means it is snug so it doesn’t fall off your finger when you’re taking a shower or eating soup. It also means that it takes more than two seconds to take the ring off your finger, which will give you a heart attack. Convinced that the ring will never come off, you demand bolt cutters, an ambulance and your lawyer.

Phase 3: Resize the Ring A Minimum of Fifty-Three Times Before The Wedding Day

The jeweler informs you he can resize the ring, so you cancel the bolt cutters and the ambulance. He enlarges the ring, making it big enough to be worn as a bracelet. You are thrilled. You take the ring home, try it on and notice that even crazy glue won’t keep the ring on your finger. Thus begin months of back-and-forth trips to the jeweler to get the ring resized. Eventually the metal in the ring gets overworked and cracks in half. You have to get a brand new ring and repeat the three phases all over again.

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